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How to Deal with Anxiety Attacks

June 21, 2014


5 Ways to Deal With Anxiety Attacks


how to deal with anxiety attacks

If you have been on the look out for effective ways on how to deal with anxiety attacks, you are not alone! There are thousands of sufferers all over the world that are going through the same problem at any point in time.

An anxiety attack is also known as a panic attack that can bring out a host of severe emotional and physical responses from the body, such as an intense feeling of loneliness and despair as well as a rapid heartbeat and trouble breathing.


There are many other psychological and physical symptoms related to an anxiety attack, but it often seems like the primary symptom include a generalized feeling of extreme panic.

Despite the fact that the symptoms of an attack may continue for only minutes at a time, the mental symptoms can continue much longer. People generally live in fear with the knowledge that another anxiety attack could happen at any time following their initial attack.

Some people may even experience attacks on a regular basis such as weekly or monthly, which will of course stop the individual from living a good quality of life.

Learning how to deal with anxiety attacks can help bring some order back into someone’s life, as anxiety attacks can play a role in every aspect of one’s life, such as work, health and marriage.

Learning How to Deal With Anxiety Attacks By Finding the Underlying Causes


Learning how to manage these anxiety attacks often involves determining and managing the root causes. For example, they are a number of factors in one’s personal medical history, such as drug use or underlying medical conditions such as psychiatric illnesses. Some people also have neurotransmitter imbalances or produce unusual amounts of cortisol, the stress hormone.

There are also those people who tend to have a genetic predisposition towards getting the attacks, which is further exacerbated by undesirable events stemming from financial or relationship difficulties or deaths of family members, for example.

These people tend to have a low self-esteem, feel threatened by the surroundings around them and have an inability to manage many everyday tasks. Anxiety attack help often requires getting these people to recall such events from the past and then finding ways to help them overcome it.

There may also be past events related to one’s childhood that make finding the right techniques on how to deal with anxiety attacks in the future all the more difficult. For example, some people still have underlying traumas based on their parents’ divorce, problems with siblings, overly critical family members or other such issues related to their early childhood development.

How to Deal with Anxiety Attacks That Re-Occur


While the psychological and physical signs and symptoms of an anxiety attack seldom last more than half an hour, the feeling of extreme panic that ensues can have lingering consequences for quite some time later.

There have even been rare instances where the symptoms of an anxiety attack have continued for hours. It helps to have a set of strategies you can put in place to prevent anxiety attacks from wreaking further havoc in your life.

To avoid these issues we must learn to identify when an attack may occur and take preventative action which could include avoiding the situation or seeking support.

So the 5 ways to deal with anxiety attacks are


1 Understand what causes the attacks

2 Log the dates times and places attacks occur

3 Establish  a strategy to identify potential situations which could induce an attack.

Learn to breath and control the panic

5 Take action join a program get support

The secrets for learning how to deal with anxiety attacks have to do with identifying the underlying causes and triggers that lead to such an attack, so that further attacks can be prevented in the future.

It is best to work on  a program which provides help and support which has been successful for others and has a proven track record of dealing with anxiety attacks.

It is key that you begin noting the times places and reasons why an attack has occurred this is how to deal with anxiety attacks, do not just try to forget when one occurs, tempting as it may be you must take action.


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